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Hi, thank you for visiting my webpage. Please note that all my classes are held in the east of Singapore.


Teaching both local and foreign adults and school students in:

  • Conversational English
  • Basic/Beginners English
  • Elementary English
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate English
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advance communication
  • Introduction to Business English (Beginners)

Student Types

Classes are ideal for students who:

  • are new to the English Language
  • may have difficulty understanding others and being understood by others.
  • find it uncomfortable to sit in a class with other students
  • need more assistance as learning pace is slow
  • need to work in an English speaking environment
  • need help in communicating in social situations
  • need personal guidance with a patient and understanding tutor
  • need to be tutored in the Chinese language

Tutor’s Qualities   

  • TEFL trained
  • Bi-lingual
  • Patient and experienced
  • 20 years experience


Conversational English for Adults

  • To focus on speaking and listening skills.
  • Suitable for those struggling with speaking or understanding the language socially or at the workplace.
  • To develop speaking confidence and fluency through conversation practice with video and audio aids. 
  •  Also for those who are new to the English language and would like to develop some speaking skills.

Basic / Beginners English

  • To focus on phonics and simple vocabulary
  • For those who have never studied English.  Might know a few words but unable to understand or communicate.

Elementary – Basics of English grammar

  • To focus on basic grammar, reading, speaking and writing skills.
  • For the student who has minimal knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.


  • To acquire more grammar and vocabulary knowledgge, reading, speaking, writing and listening skills.
  • For the student who has a basic ability to communicate and understand but who lack confidence and is still struggling with basic grammar.
  • Good for those who have difficulty expressing themselves in speech or in writing.


  • For the student who shows confidence in using English in most social situations.
  • To acquire wider vocabulary knowledge from reading stories, poems and information texts.
  • To achieve fluency in speaking and better grammar usage especially in writing.

Upper Intermediate

  • For the student who has effective but not perfect use of the English language.
  • Almost fluent and accurate but would like to develop a higher level of fluency and vocabulary so as to communicate comfortably.
  • To be able to understand and communicate in formal English

Advance Communication

  • For students who wish to attain or achieve fluency and accuracy at a higher level.
  • To work at an extensive vocabulary with good knowledge of collocations, phrasal verbs, colloquial expressions and idioms.

Introduction to Basic Business English – for Beginners

  • For students who are currently unable to express themselves in formal English.
  • Learning to communicate effectively in phone conversations, reports, presentations and meetings.

All text materials are provided.

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